SwingTrader (Automated Strategy)
SwingTrader (Automated Strategy)
SwingTrader (Automated Strategy)
SwingTrader (Automated Strategy)
Ninjatrader Add-On RangeTrader on E-Mini ES


SwingTrader (Automated Strategy)

Fully automated trading strategy developed for use on the forex & futures markets. This system based on price-action-swings for identify of entry points and is ideal for short-term trading on minute- and tick chart frames. The system automatically adjusts the stop losses & profit targets determine to the current market behavior.


    • Automated order execution & trade management 
    • Dynamic stop losses and profit targets based on market behaviour
    • Money-Management-Tool for limit your daily profits and losses
    • Time control to define the trading hours
    • Create, back-test and optimize your own custom trading strategy using on historical tick data


    • Trading Platforms: NinjaTrader 8
    • Futures Instrument (Supported Futures Brokers: NinjaTrader, Interactive Brokers)
    • Forex Spot (Supported FX Brokers: FXCM, Forex.com, Interactive Brokers)
    • Time frames: minute chart, tick chart, range chart
    • Contract sizes: no restriction

    Purchase Includes

    • Add-On for NT8
    • Lifetime copy license for 2 computers
    • Software updates (new features, bug fixings)
    • Email Technical Support

    Attention: Algotick® SwingTrader is NOT a plug and play strategy and the default parameters does not suit to all markets conditions and time frames. This tool is intended for self directed traders who are willing to invest the time and research to create successful trading systems using the NinjaTrader backtesting/optimization tool on SwingTrader logic. Each trader should customize SwingTrader to fit his or her unique trading style, risk tolerance, markets and goals. Algotick® will not make any recommendations for the parameter settings and does not guarantee success. Please do not purchase SwingTrader if you do not agree with this condition.

    SwingTrader Automated Trading Strategy Parameters

    Performance summaries are hypothetical and the data is only through November 2017.