TickScalper ATM
TickScalper ATM
TickScalper ATM

TickScalper ATM

TickScalper is an indicator based semi-automated strategy that can be used for discretionary trading as well as in automated mode using the ATM of NinjaTrader. It uses the logic of percentage calculation of the price action and the divergence between the ask and bid traded volume for generating BUY and SELL signals. It's a powerful multi-strategy system that can be used in a trend-following, counter-trend or combined mode.

  • Automated order execution & trade management using the Advanced Trade Management of NinjaTrader (ATM)
  • Money-Management-Tool for limit your daily profits and losses
  • Time control to define the trading hours
  • NinjaTrader 7 Platform: AVAILABLE
  • NinjaTrader 8 Platform: PLANNED
  • Platform: NinjaTrader 7
  • Futures instrument: All
  • Time frames: minute chart, tick chart, range chart
  • Contract sizes: no restriction
  • Lifetime copy license for 1 computers
  • Software updates (new features, bug fixings)
  • Email customer-support