TickScalper ATM (Semi-Automated)
TickScalper ATM (Semi-Automated)
TickScalper ATM (Semi-Automated)
TickScalper ATM (Semi-Automated)

TickScalper ATM (Semi-Automated)

TickScalper is an indicator based semi-automated strategy that can be used for discretionary trading as well as in automated mode using the ATM of NinjaTrader. It uses the logic of percentage calculation of the price action and the divergence between the ask and bid traded volume for generating BUY and SELL signals. It's a powerful multi-strategy system that can be used in a trend-following, counter-trend or combined mode.


  • Automated order execution & trade management using the Advanced Trade Management of NinjaTrader (ATM)
  • Money-Management-Tool for limit your daily profits and losses
  • Time control to define the trading hours


  • Trading Platforms: NinjaTrader 7 & 8
  • Futures instrument (Supported Futures Brokers: NinjaTrader, Interactive Brokers)
  • Forex Spot NT8 only (Supported FX Brokers: FXCM, Forex.com, Interactive Brokers)
  • Time frames: minute chart, tick chart, range chart
  • Contract sizes: no restriction

Purchase Includes

  • Add-Ons for NT7 & NT8
  • Lifetime copy license for 1 computers
  • Software updates (new features, bug fixings)
  • Email customer-support

Attention: Algotick® TickScalper ATM is NOT a plug and play strategy. This tool is intended for self directed traders who are willing to invest the time and research to create successful trading strategy on TickScalper logic. Each trader should customize TickScalper ATM to fit his or her unique trading style, risk tolerance, markets and goals. Algotick® will not make any recommendations for the parameter settings and does not guarantee success. Please do not purchase TickScalper ATM if you do not agree with this condition.

TickScalper Trading System parameters

Allert Settings

Enable sound alert for buy / sell signals

Money Management

Limit_Daily_Loss: Allows you to define / limit your daily loss

Limit_Daily_Profit: Allows you to define / limit your daily profit

Strategy Parameters

Time_Begin: Defines the start trading hours

Time_Finish: Defines the end trading hours

No new orders will be opened outside this hours

Trade Settings

Swing Parameters: Swing Size Represents the swing size 1 = small swings and  8 = bigger swings. The strategy behind the swing is: The previous percentage amount of swings that follow future swing. Fibonacci Retracement for Trend-Setups in Pullback, and Fibonacci Extension for Reversals as Counter trades. 

Volume Parameters: Volume Expansion signals are generated by the calculation of the daily Volume, Previous bar Volume and Curent Bar Volume. It is divided into 4 roughly steps. 0 = sensitive (most signals).

Pivot Parameters: The Pivot Bars Expiration 1 = BAR/CANDLE is th edistance between the Swing Signal and the Volume-Signal.

Trend-Following Strategy: Enable/plot BUY & SELL signals in trend direction based on 1-2-3 pattern method

Counter-Trend Strategy: Enable/plot BUY & SELL signals in counter-trend direction based on 1-2-3 pattern method